What better way to celebrate your body, than by having a boudoir photo session?

This has been a trend that is getting more popular than ever now. There may be many reasons you would like to try this type of photography out: you just love who you are and feel empowered, you worked really hard to gain a figure you always wanted to have, you just had a baby and got back to your original figure, you want to gift your significant other with a surprise boudoir album, or you want to provide a special wedding gift to your spouse. There are many reasons why you would want to try this out and many reasons why you should. I know it takes a lot of confidence to try this session out and many woman ask what to expect at a boudoir photo shoot. Well, we’ve got some answers for you! We had an exclusive one-to-one interview with an award winning boudoir photographer who answered many questions that woman ask.

Here’s a little background about Magdalena Isrka from PURE Boudoir Photography:

Magdalena Iskra is an award-winning boudoir photographer based in Chicago. She grew up in Poland where she was first introduced to the fascinating world of beauty, modeling and photography. Throughout her life, Magdalena was searching for ways of artistic expression and creativity. As a teenager, she was passionate about baton twirling and was awarded the Best Baton performance award. Her photography adventure began on the other side of the camera. She started out as a model. She was also engaged in planning and designing photo shoots. Eventually, Magdalena became a finalist for Miss Poland beauty contest where she was recognized as Miss Talent. This recognition had given her an opportunity to organize beauty events in her hometown. For five consecutive years, Magdalena successfully organized and managed beauty events for young ladies in her city. Believe it or not, despite her passionate involvement in the beauty world, she secretly dreamt of becoming a police officer. Magdalena completed a degree in forensic social rehabilitation and wanted to join the police force. Her future, however, had something bigger for her in the store. Magdalena moved to Chicago where she met her husband Marcin. Together they fell in love with photography and quickly became a husband and wife team for wedding photography. It was actually the wedding photography that laid the foundation for boudoir as many brides were asking about it. Before Magdalena started to offer boudoir sessions in her West Loop studio, she had invested a lot of time in her photography training and education. Her prior modeling experience has also come in handy as it helped her sharpen the vision of a perfect photo session. It is Magdalena’s true passion to make every woman feel the best version of herself in front of the camera. She strives to create a place where intimacy, art and photography all meet together to reveal the natural beauty and sensuality of female body. Magdalena currently lives in Chicago with her husband Marcin and beautiful baby girl, Mila.

Here is the exclusive interview we had with Magdalena Iskra:

  1. What is the best way for a woman to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot? What should she do or how should she prepare before the photo shoot?

There is not a single formula that could help a woman prepare for a boudoir session. It all depends on her individual preferences and the ambiance of the session. Some women look for a very glamorous effect and if that’s the case, I would encourage them to book a make-up and hair session prior to the shoot. Other women seek a very natural effect and want the pictures to reflect their natural, raw beauty and they can easily achieve that look without professional help. I always encourage my clients to consider getting a manicure/pedicure before their session. Nails are hard to photoshop and unfortunately are often forgotten about until the very day of the session. If they choose not to get your mani-pedi done, I would encourage them to come with clean, clear nails. Another suggestion is to drink plenty of water the week preceding the shoot and get plenty of sleep the night before. This helps tremendously with the hydration of the skin that will in turn look fabulous in the pictures. For a list of other tips and suggestions, I encourage you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of my website.

2. What has been a popular choice of attire for this type of photo shoot?

The choice of outfit depends on the client’s individual level of comfort and confidence. Some of my clients choose very sensual and revealing outfits or lingerie. Others prefer more coverage and modesty. In short, the best outfit is the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It also has to be comfortable. If the outfit does not fit properly or is uncomfortable, you may not like yourself in the pictures.  Just remember that boudoir does not always mean lingerie. Some women are not comfortable in lingerie and that’s completely fine. An oversized sweater that shows off your shoulders or legs, a robe, a t-shirt, an evening gown that reveals your back, shoulders or neck can all be wonderful alternatives to traditional lingerie.

  1. What type of hair and makeup selection looks best for a photo session like this? Would you say to go with a more natural look?

I encourage my clients to go with the look that makes them feel the most beautiful and attractive. And again, these are individual preferences that vary among clients. Some women choose a complete make-over with glamorous make-up and hair done by professional beauty artists. Others prefer a more natural look with minimal make-up. Both choices can have a spectacular outcome- as long as YOU feel beautiful in your own skin and show that confidence in front of the camera. When you look at the photographs I had taken, you will find a great variety of looks, make-ups, outfits and hair-styles. Each woman is unique in the way she carries her confidence and attractiveness. As long you find the make-up and hair style that suits YOU and YOUR sense of confidence, you will see amazing results in the pictures

  1. What do you tell women who don’t feel confident enough to have a photo shoot of this type?

I tell them to step back, relax and release that inner critic that is telling them that they are not good enough, young enough, slim enough or pretty enough to have a boudoir session. Regardless of common stereotypes, a boudoir session is for everyone. It does not discriminate against size, shape or age. Every woman deserves to feel like the best, most beautiful, alluring and sexy version of herself at least once in a lifetime. Boudoir has a tremendous therapeutic power that helps release inner fears, judgments and insecurities most of us women feel about ourselves. I tell those women to give it a try and see where it is going to take them. In my experience, many of them have found new levels of sell-confidence following a boudoir session.

5. Personally being able to experience a boudoir photo shoot with you, I felt very relaxed the entire time. How did you learn to guide your clients so well?

A relaxed, trustful atmosphere during a photo shoot is my utmost priority. I strive to provide as much guidance and support to my clients as I can and is necessary for the desired outcome. Before I started my journey as a professional photographer, I was a model myself. I know how stressful and nerve wracking it can be. Most of my clients do not have a modeling background and I have a lot of empathy toward their anxiety and nervousness. During a session, we work on a common goal which is to take some stunning, breathtaking images of their beauty. We are partners and partners help each other out. When we pose for pictures, we do not see ourselves the way the photographer does. It is absolutely natural to help the client correct the pose or find that most flattering angle or posture.

6. What is your favorite location for your boudoir session?

I love my Chicago West-Loop studio and that is where I feel the most comfortable and confident in my work. The studio is centrally located in a fun, modern part of the city. It has big windows which provides an abundance of natural light. I know every inch and every corner of that space which helps me tremendously when it comes to finding the right lighting and angles during the shoot. With that being said, I am always open-minded and flexible when it comes to other locations. Spring and summer months in Chicago allow for outdoor session that I have greatly enjoyed as well.

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*Please note that Magdalena is a Chicago based photography and is open to travel.