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“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful” says the cute framed quote that I have placed on my kitchen counter. But I think that your wedding day sure does! Let’s not take that literally because we all know nothing in life is perfect, but there’s people and things you as a couple can do to make the day perfect.

As a former bride, bridesmaid (six times to be exact) a former wedding design consultant, and a current wedding planner, I can tell you my honest feedback on why it is crucial to have a day of coordinator on your wedding day.

Side Note: You may hire an event planner in a few different ways.

Full package event planning will include planning your wedding with a professional consultant from the very beginning of your planning  process to the very day of your event. From creating your wedding budget to assisting you with choosing your vendors to reviewing all of your vendor contracts to monthly ‘to-do” reminders and a whole lot more… they are basically there for your every planning need.

-For a partial event planning package, you would hire your event planning to assist you in the middle of all of your planning. You may have chosen half of your vendors by now and just need someone to help you stay on task, organized, and stress-free from that moment on.

Day of coordination event planning packages are for those couples who took care of all of the planning on their own and they need someone to take charge of the day of their wedding by keeping vendors organized, assisting the bridal party and family, making sure the escort cards are arranged, and much more! They are your right hand on the day of your wedding.

While I can say that I fully understand the importance of a wedding day, I can also understand trying to keep your wedding budget low. The first place you may think of saving your money is by not hiring a start to finish event planner or day of coordinator because you think your bridesmaids and family can handle the organization and tasks on your wedding day. That is where you are slightly wrong. Do you really want your loved ones running around trying to figure out where you placed your special head piece, wondering why the limo still hasn’t arrived, continuously asking what time you have to leave to make it to the ceremony on time, making sure the photographer got that special photo of you and grandma, making sure your vendors are where they’re supposed to be at the correct time and location? It’s so much more pleasant having everyone relaxed and enjoying the special day with you… being your support system… saving those chaotic moments to give you a hug and kiss.

Now you spend a year(+) hiring your vendors, explaining your precise wedding day vision to them, sent out checks in large amounts to expect everything on the day of your wedding to be precise. As much as your vendors try to make sure they do everything to your expectation, sometimes they need a little assistance on the day of your wedding. Even if you’re on a tight budget, consider hiring a day of coordinator.

Here are more reasons you should hire a day-of-coordinator:

1.Site Check: Your coordinator will meet with you a month or two prior to your wedding date at your actual wedding venue to do a full site check. You, the venue manager, and day of coordinator will discuss the following: head table location, place card table location, special decor selections (dance floor covers, backdrops, specialty furniture, lighting, etc.), vendor arrival/tear down times, rules & regulations of the venue, cocktail hour location, etc. This is also a great chance for you to go through your list of hired vendors and explain if you have special requests made for them.

2.Day of Timeline:In order to keep the day running smoothly, your coordinator will put together a timeline starting from the morning hair/makeup times to the first look to the pre photo sessions to the ceremony to the family photo session to the cocktail hour and reception (including specific details on speech times, dance sessions, dinner and post dinner serving, cake cutting, etc.) to finally the end of the wedding. Not only will they put together an itinerary, but they will be the ones to make sure everyone (bridal party, family, and vendors) stick to it. This is make sure that the day will run smoothly.

3.Right Hand to The Bridal Party & Immediate Family: Your coordinator will be there by your side making sure that you have everything that you need. They will bring an emergency bridal kit along with them for those “opsies” that might happen throughout the day. If the bridal party or family have any questions about the ceremony or reception, they are there to assist!

4.Vendor Emergency Hotline: Prior to your wedding day, your coordinator will introduce them self to all of your vendors and provide them with their personal phone number. This will allow the vendors to have a go to person on the day of the wedding in case they get lost or need additional assistance from someone. It is the coordinators duty to inform all vendors of their arrival times, special requests from the bride and groom, special regulations of the venue, and tear down time.

5.Perfectionist: A quality most event planners have is being organized and a perfectionist. They will be there on the day of your wedding to arrange escort cards,, place the menus, arrange the keepsake gifts for guests to take home, make everything looks to part prior to guests arrival! These are the things that you or your bridal party do not have to worry about.

6.End of the night assistance: At the end of the night the last thing that you want to worry about it where your special cake cutter is and your custom champagne glasses and any other items that you brought specially for the reception. The coordinator will collect all of the precious items and place them in a designated area that is discussed with the bride and groom prior to the wedding day. The coordinator might even be able to deliver items to your honeymoon suite if it’s within a certain radius.


I hope that after reading this blog you may want to consider hiring a day of coordinator for your wedding day. If you have any questions, please comment below. I would love to hear your feedback.