Anyone that knows me well knows I’m a cheese-o-holic. Yes, I can eat cheese with just about anything and EVERYTHING. Out of all people, my boyfriend, Jerry, knows me best and surprised me with tickets to CHEESETOPIA in Chicago! Talk about best boyfriend of the year – Ding, Ding, Ding!

Side Note: Jerry and I happen to be currently renovating our kitchen and can’t wait until it’s done, so we can host our first ever Hors D’Oeuvres & Cocktails Party. Cheesetopia was the perfect event to get inspired by the wide variety of appetizer goodies to spoil our guests with in our new kitchen.

On Sunday, April 10th we made our way down to the Bridgeport Art Center, which by the way is the most gorgeous rustic-themed event venue. For just $75 per person, we had a chance to sample hundreds of cheeses from U.S. made manufacturers & enjoyed a lovely wine + beer open bar for four hours!



Here are 7 reasons why you should’ve attended CHEESETOPIA (unless you are lactose intolerant, which I truly am very sorry about) :

  1. NEW EXPERIENCE – You get to take a super cool freight up to the Sky Deck, which is where the event was held. As an event planner, I love to see venues that have their distinct look & feel.cheesetopia3
  2. CHEESE, CHEESE, & MORE CHEESE – Why, of course you get to sample cheese from 75 different Cheese vendors from Wisconsin (the cheese capitol of U.S.A) & Minnesota. cheesetopia
  3. MORE SAMPLING – Not only were there cheese vendors, but we sampled meats, honeys, and jams! We tried our first ever Elk meat and let me just say that it was pretty delish. cheesetopia
  4. MEETING RAD PEOPLE – Jerry and I got to network and meet some pretty cool people at this gathering. In order to succeed in life, one must be willing to meet strangers that can one day turn into your friends and even clients. cheesetopia
  5. AMBIANCEThese vendors try really hard to stand out from one another, so the way they dressed up their tables was so lovely! The decor was beautiful. 😀cheesetopia
  6. OPEN BAR – So, remember when I mentioned earlier in my blog that included in our ticket was an open wine + beer bar? Let’s just say that we took advantage of it. By the way, brilliant money maker since not only were we able to sample the product, but purchase them as well. The more easy going you get, the more you spend. 😉 cheesetopiacheesetopiaAs you can see, I had a pretty tough choice. I chose wine! Wine + Cheese… DUH!
  7. SWEET SWAG – Lastly, we got to take these mini cheese knives. So brilliant! We can’t wait to use them at our appetizers party. cheestopia

If you haven’t had enough, here are some more snippets from the event:


This is me trying to be artsy while eating a cracker with cheese. 😛


And here is Jerry trying to be artsy with his beer(s). My silly man.


It’s a must to take a romantico picture when we’re out and about.


Here I thought this lamp was super cool, and I had to take a photo with it. Look how excited I am reading the Cheesetopia vendors menu! ;D


How convenient are these?! You can make them on your own by purchasing a mason jar, cutting a hole on the top of the lid, and clipping in a pouring spout. OR you can purchase them ready to use here.


I hope this post convinced you on every reason why would should go to Cheesetopia. Stay in the loop to see if they come to a city near you!





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