Sierra Hall

Assistant Event Planner

Sierra has over three years of event planning experience. She’s coordinated many corporate events of which included: birthday celebrations, grand openings of offices, seminars, and team building experiences. Included in these events were seeking out venues, coordinating guest lists,  decorating for a variety of themes, maintaining event budgets, and more! Sierra was one of the main coordinators for two very well known companies: Realty ONE Group and Everest Escrow. Besides working for corporate, she took on personal events as a personal passion of hers.

Her strongest qualities when it comes to event planning include:

  • Being organized
  • Always on time to meetings and events
  • Perfecting every detail of the day

When times get stressful or things don’t go as planned during events, she always knows that everything will work out in the end. So, she keeps herself calm, even when everything is hectic. The last thing she would want is to have the clients know that the situation can’t be handled. What keeps her going in tough situations is knowing that what she’s doing is going to make someone else’s day!

One of the things that makes her smile most is when she makes other people happy by getting the job done and making every aspect look amazing.

Fun Fact about Sierra H.: 

I acted when I was a little girl. I was in movies with Angelina Jolie, Eddie Murphy and Clint Eastwood. I also was solo in CSI Miami and it was such an amazing experience!”

– Sierra H.

Photography Credit: Wasio Photography