Natalia Strozynski

Assistant Event Planner

Natalia has over four years of experience on different types of events. At the corporate office of Realty ONE Group, she had the pleasure of assisting with decor, coordinating and running their marketing booths, coordinating with a variety of vendors, and sourcing event locations. She has also worked for a catering company and assisting them with all sorts of clients: weddings, film festivals, and private parties in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. She always ensured that everything came out looking nothing less than perfect and met the clients expectations. On a personal level, she has planned several of her own events for friends and family, some of which include birthdays, wedding and baby showers.

Her strongest qualities when it comes to event planning include:

-Persistence in making “the vision” come to life; whether it is her own vision or someone else’s, the perfectionist in her strives to create only the best. She is very detail oriented and precise in her work. She even gave herself a motto: “If I am doing something, I will give it my all and get it done right!”

When times get stressful or things don’t go as planned during events, she always resorts to her creative side and makes the best of the situation. She keep the stress to herself and works on resolving the issues. Being open-minded allows her to quickly adjust to any situation she is presented with.

The one thing that brings her the greatest happiness is seeing someone else smile and know that she contributed to it. She is a giver and a nurturer by nature, therefore, knowing that she contributed in a positive way to someone else’s life and leave an impact is what keeps her smiling for days.

Fun Fact about Natalia S.: 

I love arts and crafts. I would say that I am a pretty crafty person, always creating unique and authentic decorations for all types of parties. I am always in charge of the centerpieces for any holiday gathering at my parents house. My mom already knows she never has to stress about the glitz and glam of the holiday season because I’ve got her covered. 🙂

– Natalia S.

Photography Credit: Wasio Photography