Jerry Wojcik

Production Manager

Jerry brings creativity and muscle to bring productions together. He has four years of experience in the event industry and catered to a variety of clients. He is great at organization and making sure things get done and done right! He has been involved in weddings, showers, holiday parties, corporate presentations, and many more events.

He held the title of Champion of Events at the largest engineering company in the world, AECOM. Jerry also serves as a Toastmasters Sergeant at Arms officer at his Toastmasters Club! Jerry takes great pride in his work that puts a smile on a clients face. That is what makes this work worthwhile.

Fun Fact about Jerry W.:

I love painting and losing myself in art. I painted every piece hanging at my home! I also never turn down an opportunity to build or sculpt unique pieces of art!  

-Jerry W.

Photography Credit: Wasio Photography